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2018-2019 YACS Financial Supplement
2018-2019 YACS Financial Supplement

Tuition and Fees
The Registration Fee is due before students may begin classes and is non-refundable.  This fee covers books, classroom library, insurance, classroom expenses, music expenses, computer fee, etc.

     Kindergarten  (half-day)   $160 
     Grades K - 8                      $260

There are ten Tuition Payments, September through June, that are due at the first of the month.
     Kindergarten (half-day)      $2,200   ($220 per month for ten months)
  Grades K - 8                        $3,200   ($320 per month for ten months)

      Multi-Student (two students)                          5%
      Multi-Student (three or more students)        10%
      Year paid in full at registration                       3%

Yreka Adventist Christian School is supported by three sources:
1.  Tuition payments
2.  Subsidies from the Yreka Seventh-day Adventist Church
3.  Subsidies ffrom the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

YACS makes every effort to keep the costs of Christian education as low as is consistant with good business management so that all young people who want such an education may attend.  The total cost of the establishment and operation of the school is not covered by tuition charges.  Members of the Seventh-day Adventisit church who support the school invest a large amount of money each year in order to equip and maintain our school, as a service and a mission to the children and families of our community. 

Financial Agreement
At the time of registration, the parent must accept financial resposibility for the student.  The financial sponsor is expected to keep the account current at all times.  If an account is deliquent 60 days, a student may be suspended until payment or satisfactory financial arrangements have been made.  It is important that tuition be paid on time so that the school can continue to meet its financial obligations.

Tution Payment Plans
1.  Ten equal payments per year.  The first payment is due September 1, and additional payments are due on the first of each month thereafter through and including June 1.  Accounts are considered deliquent after the 10th of each month.
2.  Multi-student discount for two students: 5% discount.   For three or more students: 10% discount.
3.  Year's tuition paid in full at time of registration: 3% discount.

Unpaid Accounts
The YACS Treasurer will review the accounts at reqular intervals.  Students who have unpaid accounts remaining from the previous school year will not be rgistered until the account has been paid.  Financial accounts from previous years must be satisfactorily settled for other members of the immediate family before any students from that family will be permitted to enroll for the current school year.

When a student withdraws from school, a prorated adjustment will be made to the account.

Eighth Grade Diplomas
Diplomas cannot be issued unless the account for the student has been paid in full.